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Teacher Testimonials


"Storylabs saved me last spring when we went online last-minute because it provided a blueprint of exactly what to do, tracked my students’ progress, and most importantly, my classes loved the stories more than anything I’d done in class before.  Those stories have audio & text, plus many meaningful, differentiated activities for students to interact with the text at their own pace. They can check off activities as they go, and all materials are blocked from being ‘Google translated’. 

Bryce’s stories are hilarious & quirky, with lots of repetition of the target language. Virginia’s full-length novels offer a cultural perspective of the human experience, inspired by the people and places she came to know in her travels throughout Latin America.  Another feature I love is the student notebook/journal which teachers can access- a great place for them to record goals, their impressions on the story, complete a translation or a retell. I hope you find this resource as invaluable as I do!" 

- Alison Walker, Spanish teacher

Happy Young Woman



I am literally crying in pure joy. I am overwhelmed at the incredible generosity you have shown to all! I was able to come across the link to access Storylabs, giving me access to many great books that I am SUPER EXCITED to read to my students in the coming weeks!!! Wow, what a massive wealth of information!!! I have reconfigured my curriculum and am excited to be even more CI than ever!!!


But then, wait, there's more. Scrolling through and reviewing the stories, I came across the COMPLETE CHAPTER BOOKS!!! Oh my goodness!! I am absolutely crying! I feared that I would not be able to teach my students their fourth quarter novels (I own 38 and 36 copies of each, but can't post them online (copyrighted and I don't want to infringe on the author), so my students won't get what I originally planned for them :( ). Now that I see the additional books you have....los dos libros de Xóchitl AND the story of Lorenzo...I'm over the moon, knowing that my students will still have the opportunity to enjoy chapter books from home.


I am so thankful for all that you do. Know that you have touched my heart deeply, seriously, I'm wiping away the tears. We don't start school again until next Tuesday, March 30th, but when I do, day one I will include some of the resources that you have been kind enough to lend me! Thank you so so so so so so so much!!! Stay safe through this craziness.


I’m thankful for finding amazing programs like yours and for finding generosity in businesses that also want to graciously help.I feel very relieved to know that I should be able to keep this for next year too. I’m just so in love with the format!!!

Lots of love,

Christine Mendoza

Teacher Fruitland High School

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