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Purchase an Amplify Subscription

Amplify Outreach:  

For $5 a month, Amplify maintains a profile for you in our group subscriptions where all users can learn more about you and/or your organization.  This is a great option if you want to expand awareness of what you do and what you're focused on.


For organizations, we present your name, logo, and a short and long description with a link to your website in our group subscription tab. We monthly post content from your emailed newsletters. Subscribers get an alert anytime we publish your content and will be able to see all past content.


For representatives, we monthly post content from your emailed newsletters.  Your constituents who subscribe to "Reports for Representatives" get an alert anytime we publish your content, and they and will be able to see the archives of all past content.

Amplify Premium Messaging Portal: 

For $100 a month, this unlimited messaging service is easier to use and cheaper than most email and texting services.  Via your custom portal, alerts can be sent to all members or just specific districts via push notifications and the in-app alert center, so that users have the most streamlined experience completing your call to action. Great for organizations who need the ability to send general messages as well as focused, local messages without cluttering the inboxes or all members or requiring them to join a separate group for each elected official or school district.

Amplify Customized App: 

Are you an established and trusted organization that is ready to expand and wants to give your members a tool that makes it easier for them to get involved in their communities and take action?  Are you struggling with how to localize your messaging without creating a multitude of separate groups?  Do you want your members to have all the tools they need to become independent in their civic engagement?  Then the Amplify Customized App is for you.  $5,000/year

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