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How-to Videos

  • ​Student sign-up

  • Setting up a classroom 

  • Tracking student journals & progress


Sign-up instructions:  (for students)


Follow your unique classroom URL. Then enter your name & create your password.

Once signed up, students log in at with their class code and password.

Setting up a classroom:  (for teachers)

1)  Click on "Add Classroom"

2)  Click on newly created classroom

3)  Add books by clicking on "manage books"

4)  Name & save "class code"

5)  Share "sign up link" with students

Uploading a class list:  (for teachers)

1)  Create a spreadsheet with names in the first column and passwords in the second

2)  Download it as a .csv file

3)  Click on upload student list on the right hand side of the class view

4)  Select and upload the list

5)  Best used in Chrome browser.  Email your list to if not working.

Tracking student journals & progress 

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