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Storylabs Lesson Set


(Click HERE to see the stories available now in the Quizlet Marketplace)


Preteach:  Using the Vocabulary or Glossary sets, students can work individually (learn, test) to help the teacher determine which words or structures should be focused on during class.  The teacher then expands the word image (with a tap) to fill the screen.  Introduce the target structures with gestures, stories and questions; the critical element is relating the content to the students interests and lives.

Present:  Present the story.  Use the Read set and the flashcards activity to make the text comprehensible by displaying the image next to the target language with the translation on the back.

Converse:  Springboard into conversation with the images.  Using any illustrated set, click on the image to fill the screen, giving your discussion comprehensibility and shared context for discussion.  This is where the magic happens; take as much time as needed.  Relate the content to your students.  Use our question sets to ask them questions about their lives and/or the story.

Review:  Using the Retell set, have fun playing Quizlet Live or any of the other activities (such as matching or learn).  Use the test activity as a quick review at the beginning or end of class.  Use the Read set to build confidence and the Retell set to make it more challenging. 

Reinforce:  Invite the students to study at home any sets for which they missed class or need more help with.

Retell:  To bring a sense of accomplishment to the unit you could also invite interested students to retell the story.  Introduce the following life-long language learning skills--  risk taking, interest, and confidence.  Mention that retelling the story verbatim is not the goal, but rather, being able to explain with their own words.  If their level is one or two words per picture, much like how we all learned our first language, then that should be celebrated.

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