FAQ:  world language reading

Can I put my novels or units on Storylabs We love adding new authors!  Please email us at with a request to review your work.  Also, please tell us whether you are interested in selling your work and/or adding it to the collaborative library. 


What is the collaborative library?  The collaborative library is free for students.  It includes all works that have been donated by teachers.  This can be accessed with class code demo2 and password demo2.  If teachers want to track and control which items students access from the collaborative library, teacher may purchase a teacher's account for $25 and enter book code:  freebies.  All of our freebies will be added to this account. 

How much will you sell my novel for?  Typically, ten chapter novels with distribution for up to 180 students range from $60-$200 depending on the demand, the inclusion of a teacher's guide, quality audio and developed student materials.  You may vary the price and packaging when you sell on other sites, but our commission agreement is based on the price listed in our store.  We reserve the right to determine the price of the item in order to keep our pricing structure consistent. 


How much will I receive from the sale of my novel or unit?  Your commission from the sale is in your author contract with us.  It is typically 50%.

Can I sell my eBook subscription on sites other than yours and how does that work?  Yes, you may sell it anywhere you'd like.  Your buyer must create a Storylabs teacher account at, then we will add the title(s) to their Storylabs account.  Please allow one business day for us to add titles to customer accounts.  If you sell on another site you will receive the payment directly from the client.  Therefore, based on the fulfillment of orders we fulfill, we will send you a monthly invoice for the titles sold.


Can I use Storylabs as a tool for my class stories and teaching materials that I don't care to distribute publicly?  Yes, we have a custom curricular delivery system coming soon that was designed for this purpose.