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smart, digital publishing of K-12 curricula

Storylabs began as an online laboratory for learning language through story.  We currently offer stories in Spanish, Latin, French and English.  Our authors choose us because 1) we provide a one-stop experience for lessons that pull from a variety of online content and platforms, 2) we provide text-to-speech capabilities in any language, and 3) we protect authors' work by providing an option where content cannot be copied, pasted or downloaded.  We are happy to help authors of all subjects and languages publish and deliver their curricula online.  

We are currently offering FREE publishing accounts.  You may use the materials and courses created in your Storylabs accounts to organize and distribute to your own classes, to share with colleagues or to sell in the Storylabs store or other websites.

Storylabs was created as a way to synergize with teachers, and to simplify delivery of content across multiple technology platforms.  It was also created as a way to protect copyrighted work as our stories cannot be copied or downloaded.

Email and inquire about getting your free publishing account.

Demo Video:  How to create and upload illustrated stories with audio:

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