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This 1-year subscription gives online access for 1 teacher and 180 students to all 25 episodes of ¡Cuéntame!  written by Christine Anderson, Carol Gaab, Valeri Marsh, and Kerri Shorack.  Each chapter has an illustrated Read & Listen story with online flashcards, a storyboard, and games.


All individual accounts include e-notebooks, which can be used by teachers for lesson plans and notes, and used by students to reflect on their reading and comprehension. Teachers can view the entries in these student notebooks and keep students accountable with the time-per-file tracker. 


Teacher who purchase this product receive both the simplified version of the stories as well as the goal-centered version.  Both have the same content, but the beginning chapters of the goal-centered version has more materials, many of which have "I can" statements.


Copyright © 2002 TPRS Publishing, Inc. (dba: Fluency Matters)


¡Cuéntame!  – This popular program for 4th-6th grades features 25 whimsical (mis)-adventures of Gabi the cat. Each engaging episode is based on a handful of high-frequency vocabulary that is naturally recycled in each subsequent episode. Language acquisition is efficiently achieved by following the comprehensive lessons, which provide step-by-step instructions for facilitating acquisition. Acquisition is fostered through TPR, age- and level-appropriate questions and story scripts for engaging students in co-construction of a story. Strategically written mini-stories also provide rich exposure to the target language in a comprehensible and compelling way.

¡Cuéntame! - 25 short stories for 4th-6th graders

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