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Teach the Authentic Legend of La Llorona with Embedded Reading


The legend of La Llorona comes alive in this adaptation of the popular Mexican folktale. Now even beginning students can read and experience a real story from the culture—all in easy-to-read Spanish.


With this extremely effective form of scaffolding, students read multiple versions of a text, with each version increasing in detail and complexity. This version of the dramatic and culturally significant Mexican folk legend La Llorona was developed with guidance from Laurie Clarcq and Michele Whaley, the creators of embedded reading. The story unfolds as the reader learns more about La Llorona’s tragic tale and acquires more language with each step.


“I am not a Spanish teacher, but when I read Bryce’s La Llorona unit I was able to understand it because it set me up for comprehension and flowed so well. Bryce makes input comprehensible and leads readers to new heights!”

-Michele Whaley
Pacific NW Council for Languages (PNWCL) Teacher of the Year & Co-Developer of Embedded Reading


Now even beginning students can read and experience the authentic Mexican folktale La Llorona in Spanish. This series of lessons shows how to let the story unfold and how to keep students engaged all along the way.

This lesson plan book explains how to present the story step-by-step.


Written with just 100 total words, the accompanying easy reader, La Leyenda de la Llorona Embedded Reading, is designed for level I, semester 1 students. With the ascending levels in the story, teachers can begin wherever their students need to start. This resource can even be used again in a following course with growing levels of complexity as students acquire more and more language.

Contains complete lesson plans for 10 days of activities for the embedded reading.



“What I love about your Llorona project is that it gives a teacher a blueprint of how to work with a story. Your work helped me understand a lot better how to put some things together.”
—Michele Whaley, co-developer of Embedded Reading


“Bryce has outdone himself with an incredible body of work based on La Llorona. Every step along the way he describes how to pre-teach vocabulary, use the readings, segue from step to step and more. This is an incredible resource for anyone wondering how Embedded Readings can be used in the classroom. It is really a primer for this kind of work.
Don’t worry if you are not fluent in Spanish! There is great information here that anyone can use.”
—Laurie Clarcq, co-developer of Embedded Reading

The Legend of Llorona - Student Access