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Teachers who purchase any materials on our site can have these freebie materials added to their account for free by emailing and forwarding their purchase confirmation.


This 1-year subscription gives online access for 1 teacher to manage the materials in and track the usage of up to 180 student accounts using the following freebies :



Beginner Stories:  La Chica Quiere Chocolate Caliente by Bryce Hedstrom

Bilingüe by Nicole Gomez

Cultural Nonfiction:  La Virgen de Guadalupe by Bryce Hedstrom

Mini-Books for Spanish Level 2 FVR by Theresa Jensen

La Reina con la corona (Level 2) by Jennifer Degenhardt

Storytime con Sra. Jensen: 14 Video Stories for Beginners using the Sweet 16 Verbs by Theresa Jensen

Music:  La Corona by Bryce Hedstrom

Elementary Music:  Mi Barba Tiene Tres Pelos

Elementary Music:  Juan Paco Pedro de la Mar

Spanish Fairytale:  Caperucita Roja

Student story 1:  El Fantasma

Student story 2:  Apocalipsis Zombie

Topic:  Numbers



Other Languages:

Latin:  5 Latin Books for Preview by Lance Piantaggini

French:  La Fille Veut un Chocolat Chaud by Bryce Hedstrom

French:  Le Petit Journal Francophone 2018-19 by Cécile Lainé

German:  Das Mädchen Will Heiße Schokolade by Bryce Hedstrom

Korean:  The Girl Wants Hot Chocolate by Bryce Hedstrom

Chinese:  The Girl Wants Hot Chocolate by Bryce Hedstrom

English:  LIttle Red Riding Hood

English:  The Girl Wants Hot Chocolate by Bryce Hedstrom


The above materials can be accessed by students and teachers for free by using a generic account:



2)  class code:  student

3)  password:  demo


Purchasing the "Freebies Teacher Account" lets teachers create and manage classrooms.  They can choose which stories the students have access to and  track student usage.  It also allows teachers to see the teachers' materials, such as the quizzes in Bilingüe Novel.


All individual student accounts include e-notebooks, which can be used by students to reflect on their reading and comprehension. Teachers can view the entries in these student notebooks and keep students accountable with the time-per-file tracker. 



Language Sampler

  • Please allow one business day to see your purchases in your account.  We will link your purchases to the email you provide to us when purchasing.  Make sure this is the email you use to sign up at

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