Organize your PDFs, files and favorite web links into units and lessons.  Then share with your classrooms and track student usage.  $10/year subscription. 


Create unlimited books/units with any number of chapters.  Chapter files can be further organized into five subsections.  Share with your classes, see the time spent per file and read student notebooks.


Included Features and their Functionality


Create Book:  Allows you to create a new book/unit
Copy This Book:  Copies existing book so you can edit for a new audience or purpose

Book Details:  Rename and reorder chapter files, add cover image and rename book

Create Chapter:  Add a new chapter

Set Headings:  Name the five subsections available in each chapter

Upload Epub:  ePub format prevents material from being copied or downloaded

Add Web Link:  Add Quizlet, Textivate, EdPuzzle, YouTube etc. # opens in new window

Update Web Link:  Can change or copy added web link

Add PDF:  PDF files can be downloaded

Rename File:  Change title of the file

Add/Update Note:  Area below the file title that gives further instructions

Reorder Files:  Move files in between subsections

Mark Teacher Files:  Teacher files are hidden from student view

Delete This File:  Cannot be recovered

Delete This Chapter:  Cannot be recovered

Choose Audio File:  Add audio file to your any file or weblink.  Great for instructions or reading.

Storylabs Unit Customization Upgrade