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Pursuant to HB 243, which was passed in 2020, warning labels must be placed on physical content or be viewable for five seconds before accessing online content. 


Here is a link to the form that must be used when giving a notice to the offending party.  A copy of this form must be simultaneously sent to the Utah Attorney General's office.


These stickers are to make readers aware of offensive content, just like all other media, TV, movies, music and video games do.  A reader cannot make a choice not to read offensive content if they are not aware that it is in the book.


These stickers should only be placed on books by the owner of the book. 

State of Utah Warning Stickers - Sheet of 18 label size stickers (2.5" x 1")

  • If you do not specify which type of sticker you want you will be given the sticker without the QR code.

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