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Build fluency with this 1-year subscription, which gives online access to Virginia Hildebrandt's novel, Soy Lorenzo for one student. Each listen-and-read chapter has a storyboard, a multitude of interactive games from Quizlet and Textivate as well as three printable worksheets for vocabulary, comprehension questions, and activities.


We highly recommend the teacher-graded oral assessments to motivate student performance. Boost language acquisition even more by adding a tutor!  Your tutor will prepare students for the oral assessments. Select these options by clicking on the drop-down menu under "Optional tutoring and testing" in the product description.


Soy Lorenzo is perfect for Spanish 2 & 3, novice-mid/novice-high readers and heritage language readers.  The indigenous lore of Nicaragua’s Miskito coast hosts this coming-­of-­age story. Desperate to break free of the limits of his village, Lorenzo finds himself entwined in the legends of his ancestors’ sacred knowledge. This compelling story will engage your students and spark discussions on a multitude of culturally authentic topics and current events. 


Teacher Resource Materials include chapter-by-chapter themes, topics and cultural connections with suggestions for conversation and cross-curricular inquiry. Huge bundle of classroom support resources include; vocabulary lists, crossword puzzles, word finds, grammar practice, quizzes and tests, reading comprehension questions and higher order thinking prompts (in both English and Spanish), optional class activities, supplemental readings, video, photographs, power points and recipes.


As the angry shrieks of his mother's voice jar Lorenzo awake, he becomes painfully aware of the beating that his body had endured the night incident that he cannot remember. Tortured by the unknown Lorenzo cannot rest until he figures out what happened.


In his search for answers, a mysterious stranger changes the path of his future when he finds himself entwined in the sacred legends of his ancestors. Is it real or a spiritual encounter? You decide.

Soy Lorenzo - Homeschool

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