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This adaptation of Catullus 2 into simple Latin makes the text accessible to children and beginners in Latin of all ages. With a combination of simplified syntax and clear illustrations, anyone can read this Latin story based on Catullus’s immortal poem!


Appendix includes simple activities designed for children, and activities designed for older Latin students.


Included is a picture book with Latin text, a picture book, copy-ready activity sheets, match the image to the sentence, fill-in-the-blank sentences, match the image to the phrase from Catullus's original, and a glossary.


This 1-year subscription gives online access to Passer Catulli for a teacher and up to 180 students.  Each listen-and-read chapter comes with a printable index and activities.  All individual accounts include e-notebooks, which can be used by teachers for lesson plans and notes, and used by students to reflect on their reading and comprehension. Teachers can view the entries in these student notebooks and keep students accountable with the time-per-file tracker. 



Passer Catulli by Madelyn Waehner

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