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Ovidius Mus, celebrated Roman mouse poet, tells three stories about his favorite topic - love. In the first story, two “star-crossed lovers” are doomed by an unfortunate series of coincidences. In the second, an elderly couple is visited by two mysterious strangers who unbeknownst to them, put their devotion to the test. In the third, a lonely sculptor finally finds love, but only a miracle will unite him with the object of his affection. All three stories, based on the myths of the ancient Roman poet Ovid, are delightfully illustrated by a cast of felted mice conducting their lives in villas, cottages or on the busy street of ancient Rome. Told using only 175 common Latin words and rich in cultural details, this book is designed for a Latin reader at the end of their first year of study. A complete glossary is included. More information and previews can be found on the author's website,

Ovidius Mus by Jocelyn Demuth

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