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This is a year-long digital subscription for one teacher and up to 180 students in the Storylabs platform. The teacher chooses any 12 of our Level 2 Latin books with the opportunity to read one book a month.  As an incentive for teachers to finish a book a month, and also to cut back on the subscription cost, one book will disappear each month.  Please select twelve books from this level-1 list. Once we receive your order we will reach out to you so you can choose which books you want in which order. 


II.1Mercurius, Infans HorribilisFamilyI-4 or II-1
II.1.2Lars Romam OditIndividual Identity, Family and Friends1/2
II.1.2LabyrinthusIndividual Identity, Family and Friends (emotions)1/2
II.1.2Io Puella FortisIndividual Identity, Family and Friends1/2
II.1.2Familia Mala 3 - PandoraIndividual Identity, Family and Friends1/2
II.1.2.3Rufus et gladiatoresIndividual Identity, Daily Life1/2/3
II. senex et sempermutabilisyllabiIndividual Identity, Daily Life, Celebrations and Traditions1/2/3/4
II. Tiered versionIndividual Identity, Daily Life, Celebrations and Traditions1/2/3/4 or III.
II.1.2.3Quintus et nox horrificaIndividual Identity, Daily Life1/2/3
II.1.2.3Quintus et insula horrificaIndividual Identity, Daily Life1/2/3
II.2.3.4ClodiaFamily, Daily Life, Celebrations and Traditions2/3/4
II.2.3Agrippina Mater FortisFamily, Daily Life2/3
II.3Piso et Syra et potiones mysticaeDaily Life3
II.3Leo MolossusDaily Life3
II.3.4Eques ViridisDaily Life, Celebrations and Traditions3/4
II.3.4Idus MartiaeCelebrations and Traditions3/4 (Ides of March)
II.3.4Ovidius MusCelebrations and Traditions3/4
II.4Romulus Rex LuporumCelebrations and Traditions4
II.3.4mythos malus: convīvium TerregisDaily Life, Celebrations and Traditions (II), Individual Identity (III)II-3/4 or III-1
II.3.4Tres amici et monstrum saevumCelebrations and Traditions (II), Individual Identity (III)II-3/4 or III-1
II.4diaria siderumCelebrations and Traditions4


It works like this:


Book 1 - 30 Days

Book 2 - 60 Days

Book 3 - 90 Days

Book 4 - 120 Days

Book 5 - 150 Days

Book 6 - 180 Days

Book 7 - 220 Days 

Book 8 - 250 Days

Book 9 - 280 Days

Book 10 - 310 Days

Book 11 - 340 Days

Book 12 - 365 Days


Level 2 Latin - Book-of-the-Month Club

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