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Build fluency with this Latin Level 1 1-year subscription, which gives online access to all of our 24 level 1 Latin novellas. 


I.1Ego PolyphemusIndividual Identity
I.1Rufus lutulentusIndividual Identity
I.1Syra et animaliaIndividual Identity - more geared toward independent reading
I.1Syra SolaIndividual Identity
I.1Simius SaltatIndividual Identity
I.1Quid Agis AchillesIndividual Identity
I.1Ubi est Ulixes?Individual Identity, Family
I.1Marcus MagulusIndividual Identity, Family
I.1Arma Virumque NumeroIndividual Identity, Family, Daily Life
I.1.2Quintus et aleae infortunataeFamily
I.1.2Familia Mala - Saturnus et IuppiterFamily
I.1.2Familia Mala 2 - Duo FratresFamily
I.2Olianna et sandalia extraōrdināriaFamily
I.2Rufus et arma atraDaily Life, Celebrations and Traditions
I.2.3Drusilla in SuburaDaily Life (eating, locations, cooking)
I.3Poenica PurpurāriaDaily Life
I.3Rufus et Lucia: liberi lutulentiDaily Life, Celebrations and Traditions
I.3.4Agrippīna aurīgaTraditions (Chariot Racing, Religious Elements)
I.3.4Aulus AnserDaily Life, Celebrations and Traditions
I.3.4Drusilla et convivium magarumTraditions (witchcraft, religious elements) - more geared toward independent reading
I.3.4Mārcus et scytala CaesarisTraditions
I.3.4Olianna et obiectum magicumDaily Life
I.3.4Piso perturbatusDaily Life, Celebrations and Traditions
I.4Mercurius, Infans HorribilisFamily

Level 1 Latin Homeschool Package - 24 novellas

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