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Io is tired of her life in a small town in ancient Greece. She is growing up fast but is frustrated that her mother still treats her like a child.

One day, Io finds a wax tablet and stylus in a mysterious clearing in woods. Io is surprised to discover that one the tablet is written a single sentence: “Hello, Io.”


Who left the message? How do they know Io’s name? Io immediately decides to solve this mystery, a decision that entangles her, her sister Eugenia, and her friend Chloe in a thrilling and dangerous adventure.

Io Puella Fortis contains both volumes of the series: Io et Tabellae Magicae and Io et Monstrum. As with the other Comprehensible Classics novellas, this new book series uses a limited vocabulary to tell an exciting story accessible to advanced beginner Latin readers.


About the author:

Andrew Olimpi lives in Dacula, Georgia with his beautiful and talented wife, Rebekah, an artist, writer, and English teacher. When he is not writing and illustrating books, Andrew teaches Latin at Hebron Christian Academy in Dacula, Georgia. He holds a master’s degree in Latin from the University of Georgia, and currently is working on a PhD in Latin and Roman Studies at the University of Florida. He is the creator of the Comprehensible Classics series of Latin novellas aimed at beginner and intermediate readers of Latin.


This 1-year subscription gives online access to Idus Martiae for a teacher and up to 180 students.  All individual accounts include e-notebooks, which can be used by teachers for lesson plans and notes, and used by students to reflect on their reading and comprehension. Teachers can view the entries in these student notebooks and keep students accountable with the time-per-file tracker. 



Io Puella Fortis: A Latin Novella (2 novellas in 1)

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