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Daedalus and Icarus: A Tiered Reader is not a typical intermediate Latin reader.

Instead of using extensive vocabulary glosses and grammatical notes, this reader uses "tiered readings" of increasing complexity. These tiers allow readers of varying ability to begin reading right away, thus improving their Latin language proficiency as they move from simple, adapted readings to original, authentic Latin texts by the Roman authors Ovid and Hyginus.


This volume includes marginal glosses of less common Latin vocabulary, illustrations, and a full glossary.


This 1-year subscription gives online access to Daedalus et Icarus for a teacher and up to 180 students.  All individual accounts include e-notebooks, which can be used by teachers for lesson plans and notes, and used by students to reflect on their reading and comprehension. Teachers can view the entries in these student notebooks and keep students accountable with the time-per-file tracker. 



Daedalus et Icarus a tiered Latin reader

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