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Yep, it’s a backstory. There have been details dropped in various novellas, but we’ve known Piso’s family is from Hispānia all along. This book picks up on that with Agrippina, our strong mother, back in her childhood stomping grounds. I was looking to write a book with more action that could follow Rūfus et arma ātra, and this book does just that. Michael Sintros (Duinneall), who worked with me on the Quīntus et nox horrifica audiobook, once again has delivered engaging, ambient music with a new fantastic ancient instrument library. I had fun putting together the chariot-racing sound effects. This book will be the lowest in beginner Level A.


Young Agrippina wants to race chariots, but a small girl from Lusitania couldn’t possibly do that…could she?! After a victorious race in the stadium of Emerita, the local crowd favorite charioteer, Gaius Appuleius Dicloes, runs into trouble, and it’s up to Agrippina to step into much bigger shoes. Can she take on the reins in this equine escapade?

24 cognates + 33 other words
1800 total length

17 - Agrippīna aurīga

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