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(Android coming 2020)

Indie meets Classroom

Students come to class confident and

prepared for conversation.

Students on a Break

Giving your student Storylabs is like giving an aspiring musician an instrument.  We offer the missing piece, a vital piece, in language learning through story--engaging, audiovisual, individual access to the same language being used in the classroom.  Students can come to class prepared and confident, ready to participate meaningfully in the target language.  

Our platform provides story-based curricula via our web and mobile apps.  We save teachers time by creating and embedding the content, instructions and the best tools right into our site.   Teachers and students have easy access to quality stories, novels, activities and visuals without needing to enter or remember additional passwords.

Kick back a little more! 


Teachers save time & money by using our pre-created Quizlet, Textivate and StoryboardThat supporting materials.   Teachers are not only saved the headache of signing up for and deciphering new tools, but also the expense.  

Boy Checking his Phone

Meet students where they are! 


Students can prepare for class and reinforce learning easier than ever...on their phones!  

Individualization:  When students have access to content on their own devices they can learn and study at their own pace and in their own way.  The text-to-speech reader highlights each word as it is spoken, stimulating both auditory and visual learning.  As students come prepared, more class time can be spent engaging in conversation and discussion.

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