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About Us

Storylabs is a product of S&S Apps, LLC.  S&S Apps, LLC is an educational software company with decades of experience in language education, programming and IT management.  


Co-founded by Brooke Stephens, a Spanish and ESL educator since 1996, and Aaron Stephens, a programmer with 18 years experience running an IT services company, S&S Apps specializes in creating innovative learning solutions for students, teachers and districts.  


Gene Kasrel leads our team for both web and android development.  Located in the heart of the South Bay, CA, Gene has extensive knowledge and experience in the tech industry.  He's a leader, innovator and team player who deploys quality work at lightning speed.


Our story consultants, Bryce Hedstrom and Virginia Hildebrandt (both talented authors and curriculum designers), bring the wisdom and expertise gained from decades of teaching Spanish through TPRS in their high school classrooms.