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Convenient & Flexible

Storylabs delivers custom content to  K-12 classrooms.  Purchase content from our experienced authors and customize it to fit your class, or organize your own materials to sell or share.  With built-in journalling, as well as usage tracking for your own links and quizzes, our student-privacy-certified platform allows educators to confidently use, share or sell their learning units in a format that's ready for immediate use.

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ACTFL teacher of the year finalist, Theresa Jensen, made some delightful Spanish 1 video stories that she shares with teachers around the world.  To see her content, first sign-up as a teacher.  Then, after entering the site, type in this book code, all lower case:  theresa

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Join many of our trusted partners who sell their content in our convenient and flexible platform.

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Sample a Storylabs student account and get a feel for the variety of products created by teachers using custom content. 


Visit this site and enter

class code: demo2

password: demo2

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