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This digital set was created for the flipped classroom where students study beforehand and come to practice in class.  You get access to 8 illustrated stories about a week in the life of Gabi the cat.  Each story, or episode, is labeled for the activities that can be done in the days leading up to class.  These activities include games and flashcards on Quizlet, Sketchpad and Textivate.  Acquire vocabulary and grammar in context with this engaging story written for beginniners.  Written for grades 3-5.  Perfect for teacher use when presenting or, teachers may upgrade to the classroom set, which gives them the ability to view student progress.  Please watch the preview video for more information on the classroom set.

Una semana con Gabi by Carol Gaab

Optional Classroom Account
  • You are purchasing codes that grant access to the stories and activities for one year.  Access codes will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.