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Via your custom portal, alerts can be sent to all members or just specific districts via push notifications and the in-app alert center. It's cheaper than most email or texting services, and offers the best opportunity for users to complete a call-to-action.  Choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.



Basic State: Profile, 2 announcements per month - $15/month

Unlimited State: Profile, unlimited announcements per month - $25/month

Platinum State: Profile, unlimited announcements per month, 2 branded push notifications per month - $50/month

Ultimate State: Profile, unlimited announcements per month, unlimited branded push notifications - $75/month


Great for organizations who need the ability to send general messages as well as focused, local messages without cluttering the inboxes or all members or requiring them to join a separate group for each elected official or school district.


Empowered Amplify users...


  • Know who their elected officials are and how to contact them.
  • Receive newsletters and calls to action from groups and elected officials.  

  • Are informed on events, bills and talking points.

  • Build relationships through guided monthly interaction and note taking on correspondence.

  • Restore government to the people.

State Messaging Portal