Build fluency with this 1-year subscription, which gives online access to Las Lágrimas de Xóchitl for one student. Each listen-and-read chapter has a storyboard, a multitude of interactive games as well as three printable worksheets for vocabulary, comprehension questions, and activities.


We highly recommend the teacher-graded oral assessments to motivate student performance. Boost language acquisition even more by adding a tutor!  Your tutor will prepare students for the oral assessments. Select these options by clicking on the drop-down menu under "Optional tutoring and testing" in the product description.


This is language learner literature at its best. This story is just right for the Novice-Mid Spanish reader: Level 2 students can read it on their own, and level 1 students can read it as a class story. This novel uses high frequency vocabulary in an adventurous coming-of-age story set in Guatemala. Includes high-quality photographs.


When wild animals close in to stalk the remote village, no one in San Felipe is safe. After a vicious attach, Xóchitl's responsibility becomes complicated when she must care for her injured brother while avoiding nosy neighbors. With her family and her dreams in jeopardy the rugged realities of Xóchilt's daily life give her the resiliency to face disappointment, the danger of what lurks in the dark and the secret of B'alam.

Las Lágrimas de Xóchitl - Homeschool

Optional tutoring & testing
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