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This 1-year subscription gives online access for a teacher to access all of Bryce Hedstom's teacher training materials for any language or level.    Bryce's carefully laid out step-by-step instructions with explanations as to why this methodology works, are side by side with the actual materials he used in his own classes.  Study his examples and create your own!  Click here to upgrade to your own Storylabs publishing account.  Store your favorite materials in Storylabs to distribute to classrooms and track usage.


As a bonus, this package also includes all of Bryce's available interactive student materials on Storylabs, which teachers may distribute and use in their classrooms with up to 180 students.  Open this file to see student materials.



Best Reading Strategies

Training Manual Sample Schedule


Independent Reading:

Harry Potter

El Alquimista


Whole Class Reading:

Teacher Resources

Unit I of Spanish Curriculum

Conexiones Teacher's Guide

Hansel & Gretel Teacher's Guide


Level 1:

The Girl Wants Coffee

La Chica Fantastica

Stories for Spanish Class

Hansel & Gretel

La Mujer y el Perro Pequeño


Level 2:


Un Caballito Nuevo

El Amigo Especial

El Jefe Inteligente

La Mujer Triste



Conexiones:  Presentation


Reading Aloud:

The Wretched Stone


Embedded Reading:

Teacher Resources:

La Leyenda de la Llorona


Level 1 - Sample Student Material

Llorona - Spanish

Llorona - English

La Mujer y el Perro Pequeño


Level 2 - Sample Student Material

The Wretched Stone


Classroom Library:


Stories for Spanish Class


Reading Comprehension Checks:

Meaningful Reading Comprehension Checks



Bryce Hedstrom Complete Teacher Training Package

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