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STUDENT Evaluation


Desktop Student Account:  log-in above right with "student" account (gmail & password)

iOS Device:  Download app and log-in with "student" account (gmail & password)

Classroom:  Storylabs Literature - to evaluate for recreational reading

Classroom:  Teacher Resources - to evaluate for resource distribution

Classroom:  Free Book:  The Girl Wants Hot Chocolate - to evaluate for effectiveness when technology is centered around story




Desktop Teacher Evaluation: log in (above right) with "teacher" account (gmail & password)

"View Progress":  Any class - to evaluate for student tracking 

Classroom:  ACTFL / Flagship -  El Muchacho Pastor - to evaluate as a tool for flipped classrooms

Classroom:  ACTFL / Flagship -  Bilingüe Novel - to evaluate as teacher collaboration tool



Desktop Publisher Evaluation:

Log in to with publisher account

Add your own links or files

Refresh your iOS app and see the content you've added.  

(Only one ePub per chapter.)